Permanent Magnet Electrical Generators
FTC Innovations

WARNING:  Electric rates are going way up
because NO new electrical generating plants
are being built.  Our prices will go UP!

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Independent Test 92.3% Efficiency
How to Calculate Needed Torque

Torque = ((wattage / 745) x 5252) / RPM
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"I have been running at 8 hours a day for months.
The generator arrived in perfect condition! It looks great!

To find out how fast I Can recharge my lithium batteries at.
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"We are producing phenomenal results with your generator,
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"This 15 kW is putting out, if not 30 kW,damn close to it.
It is a bear.  Thanks for all you do."

"To your credit, your generator is making our project a success"
"Compared your generator to 10 others.  The others did not come close."
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Advanced Energy Independent 92.3% Efficiency PROOF

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August 13, 2003
Demo @Embry-Riddle
Aeronautical University

EE Students/Professor operated the generator and recorded their own results. 
We are glad to prove our technology with independent, qualified people and independently calibrated scientific measuring equipment.

10 kW Tested - 14.7 kW

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