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Independent Test 92.3% Efficiency
How to Calculate Needed Torque

Torque = ((wattage / 745) x 5252) / RPM

All AC Systems are UL1741 Listed
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AI Energy Optimization: Use artificial intelligence to optimize the energy use of homes

and businesses based on their habits and requirements. 

Wearable Solar Technology: Design wearable technology that can harness

 solar power, such as clothing or accessories, to charge devices on the go. 

Energy Harvesting Tiles: Develop footstep energy harvesting tiles for

public places like malls, stadiums, etc., where high foot traffic can generate electricity. 

Algae Biofuel Development: Invest in the research and development of

biofuel from algae, a relatively unexplored and promising area in renewable energy. 

Renewable Energy Education Platform: An online platform teaching about

renewable energy technologies, helping spread knowledge and promote the use of sustainable power. 

Blockchain Energy Trading Platform: A peer-to-peer renewable energy trading

platform using blockchain technology. Households and

businesses could buy and sell surplus energy directly. 

Ocean Energy Harnessing: Exploring innovative ways to harness

tidal, wave, and thermal energy from the ocean on a small, accessible scale. 

Energy Producing Gym: A fitness center where all equipment

generates electricity from users' workouts. 

Smart Home Energy Solutions: Developing a system for smart homes

that not only optimizes energy use but also produces it from renewable sources. 

Solar Drone Services: Developing solar-powered drones

that can be used for a variety of services, such as deliveries, surveillance, etc. 

Solar Roads: Working on the development of

solar road technology, where roads double up as solar panels. 

Piezoelectric Energy Solutions: Exploring unique ways to harness

piezoelectricity on a large scale - from roads, railways, dancefloors, etc. 

Portable Wind Turbines: Designing lightweight, portable wind turbines

that can be set up easily to power outdoor activities or emergency situations. 

Renewable Energy Gaming: Creating virtual reality games or simulations

that educate players about various renewable energy technologies. 

Human Heat Harvesting: Developing technology to

harvest body heat and convert it into usable energy. 

Air Purifying Energy Generators: Creating a system that generates

energy while simultaneously purifying air,

perhaps using photosynthesis-inspired technology. 

Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrency Mining: Developing systems for

mining cryptocurrencies that utilize renewable energy to reduce environmental impact. 

Thermoelectric Generators: Developing personal devices that can

generate electricity from waste heat produced in homes and businesses. 

Renewable Energy Storage Solutions: Innovating in the field of energy storage,

a current challenge in the renewable energy sector,

making it more efficient and accessible.


E-Waste Recycling for Renewable Energy: Starting a business that

specializes in recycling e-waste to extract precious metals

and other materials for use in renewable energy technology.

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Advanced Energy Independent 92.3% Efficiency PROOF

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August 13, 2003
Demo @Embry-Riddle
Aeronautical University

EE Students/Professor operated the generator and recorded their own results. 
We are glad to prove our technology with independent, qualified people and independently calibrated scientific measuring equipment.

10 kW Tested - 14.7 kW

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