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Demonstration Trailer Showing Functional Systems
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Inside Trailer ChargeControllers
Paralleled 600 VDC Charge Controllers with batteries and 8 kW Inverter
Water Turbine
Water Turbine Test - Power fed back to batteries which drives the inverter that powers the test.
Propane Engine
Propane Engine

20 kW Generator connected to engine
All prices are FOB Florida, terms of use are agreed to, and buyer pays S&H charges.
** Due to increased orders **
Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. 
New 8 kW Generator with Inverter
Peak Power 32,000W - AC Output Voltage 220V/110V
Regulation ±5% - Frequency 60HZ±3%
Efficiency 90%
Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Depending on demand approximately
 300-800 RPM  - Your experience may vary
Temperature Protection 70C
Certificate CE
Battery Charger - LCD Display
  Torque Calculator
5 kW 9 Phase Generator $2,495.00 USD
92.3% Tested 10 kW 9 Phase Generator $2,995.00 USD
Patented 30 kW 18 Phase Generator $8,985.00 USD
8 kW 18 Phase w/ LF Inverter $3,295.00 USD
10 kW Package Deal with 16 HP Engine $3,495.00 USD
 Payment is either wire transfer or direct deposit

Wireless Watts/Amps/Volts Display $199.00 USD
Tachometer/RPM Display $150.00 USD
NG/Propane Tri-Fuel Adapter $300.00 USD
Engine/Generator Connector $100.00 USD
5:1 Speed Increaser $399.00 USD
Ceramic Bearings $599.00 USD
16 HP Elec. Start Engine $599.00 USD
18 Phase Modification $499.00 USD
 Payment is either wire transfer or direct deposit

Speed Increaser


Example Setup